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"Preserving history on big wheels"
Est 2006



Hunter Valley Classic Commercial Vehicle Club (HVCCVC) inc. - http://www.hunteroldtrucks.com

The Australian Volvo Truck Heritage Group - http://www.oldaussievolvos.com

Western Sydney Heritage Truck Club inc. - http://www.wshtc.com.au

AussieBigBanger site - www.aussiebigbangers.4t.com.

Council of Heritage Motor Clubs of NSW Inc - www.bushcouncil.com.au

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club Australia - www.hcvc.com.au

Historic Commercial Vehicle Association (Qld) - www.hcvaq.com

AEC Society (England) - www.aec.middx.net/page1.htm
go to massive photo gallery. For Australian photo history scroll down to the 'Joe Fogarty Collection' - http://www.aec.fotopic.net

Leyland Society. England based club for all things Leyland with high quality publications - www.leylandsociety.co.uk

Dennis Society. A new site with access to Dennis fire engine and truck archives and manuals - www.dennissociety.co.uk

Mat & Milly Owner's Club. British based club for those interested in AEC all wheel drive Militant and Matador models. very informative - www.aecmilitant.co.uk/index2.html

Albion Register. UK based club for Albion trucks and busses - ww.albion-trust.org.uk

Historic Fire Engine Association; Have club activities and magazine for like minded preservationists - www.hfea.com.au

Heritage Tuck Association of Australia. Queensland based club - www.heritagetruckassociation.com.au


Old Machinery Magazine - www.TOMM.com.au

Classic and Vintage Commercials (UK) - www.cvcmag.co.uk

Heritage Commercials (UK) - www.heritagecommercials.com

aussie eds world of old trucks - www.aussieedsworldofoldtrucks.com


Road Transport Hall of Fame - www.roadtransporthall.com

Bus and Truck Museum (Tempe) - www.busandtruckmuseum.org.au

Winton's Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum. Outback Queensland history. email: heritagetruckswinton@hotmail.com


Woolies for Trim (UK) - www.woolies-trim.co.uk

Mr Motor Parts - www.mrmotorparts.com

Museum of Fire. Penrith NSW. Also holds archives of NSW Fire Brigade - www.museumoffire.com.au/


Roadtrains web site, has link to every current manufacturer - www.roadtrains.com.au

British truck historical records - http://fleetdata.co.uk/british_trucks.html

British Commercial Vehicle Museum. This museum hold extensive archives from British manufacturers. - www.bcvm.org.uk/index.htm

Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles. Extensive photo gallery of preserved trucks. - http://www.ccmv.fotopic.net

For all things Commer go to - www.commer.org.nz/commer_connections/home


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