Our Goals:

Golden Oldies Truck Club

  • To encourage the preservation of old trucks and their history.
  • To share experiences and memories of past transport with other members, clubs and enthusiasts
  • To display our vehicles and support community events and charities through our local truck show.
  • To help other members with restoration and information of their trucks.


  The Golden Oldies Truck Club evolved from a yearning to have a club that was specifically focused on trucks. A Registry was initially formed and the interest shown was overwhelming.

Golden Oldies Truck Club   After about eighteen months it  was decided that it was time to take the next step and in May 2006 the ‘Golden Oldies Truck Club Inc’ became a reality. We now have a group of financial members with well over 150 vintage trucks between them.

  They consist of trucks from the turn of last century up to the late nineties. Some have been restored while the others are undergoing restoration or are still in their working clothes.

  In September 2006, just three months after we were officially a Club, the Golden Oldies Truck Club were invited to assemble their trucks at the Australian Road Train Association’s ‘Trucks out West’ truck show at the Dubbo Showground. What happened that Saturday in September really sealed our belief that there really is a huge interest in reliving our past transport industry.

  There were over 100 vintage trucks on show which came from as far as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, the Central Coast and from all areas of NSW. It was such a huge success, the Golden Oldies Truck Club now host a Truck, Tractor and Quilt Show every two years.Golden Oldies Truck Club

  The Golden Oldies Truck Club has members from all over NSW. As some of our members are quite a distance from Dubbo, we try to keep them informed with quality Newsletters during the year. The newsletter includes the President’s report, members' photos of their vehicles, reports on events and shows as well as the classified section.

  A Club Meeting is held on the last Monday of the month at Langley's Coaches, 4 Jannali Road, Dubbo at 7.30pm. Afterwards we have a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. All interested in old trucks are invited.