Technical Bulletins

Australian Design Rules (ADR's) summary posted on the Vicroads web site. This provides a listing of which ADR's apply to your vehicle in relatiion to it's build date.
www.vicroads/registration/vehicle standards

VSB6 Heavy Vehicle Modifications. This is a Commonwealth Government web site and covers Australian Design Rules which became a Commonwealth responsibility after 1989. This bulletin covers all aspects of alterations to your truck. Includes the standards for fitting of bodiies, cranes, turntables, additional seats and so on.

Useful Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) sheets

Click on this link to access a list of VSIs on the RTA site. RTA VSI list

We recommend the following in particular:

  • VSI No 12 - Lights & Signalling Devices. Post July 1975, and pre and post 1991 rules for lights
  • VSI No13 - Rear Marking Plates. If you have plates fitted to your oldie they must comply with these standards. Temporary fitment while your truck is on busy or fast roads is recommended
  • VSI No 23 - Fifth Wheel Mountings. Don't put a turntable on your prime mover without seeing this first. U bolts are NOT acceptable.
  • VSI No 41 - Guidelines for A-Frame towing (Nov 2007)


Useful Vehicle Inspector's Bulletins (VIB)

Click on this link to access a list of VIBs on the RTA site. RTA VIB list

We recommend the following in particular:

  • VIB No 14 - test procedures for air (and vacuum) brake systems. This is an easy to read bulletin which can be used for checking your system at any time.
  • VIB No 46 - Failure of Semi Trailer Skid Plates due to Corrosion. A must see for all those with old trailers
  • VIB No 57 - Brake tests for heavy vehicles. Policy for brake testing at less than 30 km/hr